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CoR has created a unique therapeutic strategy that rejuvenates mitochondria cells, regulates stem cells and encodes mRNA. It is designed to restore damaged mitochondrial function.


This innovative approach to preventing, delaying, and treating human degeneration can potentially slow or reverse the aging process!


70% of human diseases are related to mitochondrial dysfunction. 


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy-rich and highly efficient molecular machine, is the only energy source that can do the biological work of using the energy stored in food.  ATP, also known as an energy currency, is the key to full mitochondrial function. 


CoR is now in the development stage as a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical therapeutic for human and animal degeneration diseases.


CoR works on the Redox Reaction in the mitochondria, the center of converting nutrition for increasing ATP production to provide the vital energy for cellular functions. 



CoR   -   Cofactor R

The World's 4th Organic Redox Cofactor Discovery

 A new cofactor that has proven to be the most effective 

Our company has discovered and identified CoR, Cofactor R, a new and unique transmembrane oxidoreductase that acts on a sulfur group of donors, with FAD as the Carrier/ Acceptor. This enzyme catalyzes the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another in the mitochondria. 

CoR involves the Phase Transfer Property, transferring 2 electrons and multiple complicated catalyzed redox reactions including catalysis carbohydrate, fatty acid, and amino acid.

The required physiological Carrier/Acceptor of CoR is FAD. FAD is a more energetic oxidizing agent than NAD.

In contrast, PQQ,  the world’s 3rd redox cofactor, has not yet identified its physiological carrier/acceptor even after eighty years of study.

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CoR4Mito has successfully advances a achieved our CoR Technology. CoR has created a unique therapeutic strategy that rejuvenates mitochondria cells, regulates stem cells and encodes mRNA. It is designed to restore damaged mitochondrial function.   Our company has been successful in securing its core intellectual property. 

We are currently seeking new funding for advancing our research and development needs.

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CoR4Mito is currently seeking strategic partners to further develop its unique, innovative intellectual property. The company has already established collaborative relationships with individual partners and universities to allow for more study and advancement CoR Technology. 

At this time, CoR4Mito utilizes a virtual corporate model deployment strategy for its core intellectual property. The company is seeking to build relationships in order to further advance the development of its IP CoR Technology into the broader markets of drug development, supplements, food additives, nutrition, dietary foods, and more.

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CoR4Mito’s unique, innovative IP proposes a groundbreaking and globalized pharmaceutical and nutraceutical composition.  


The company  is open to exploring and entering into licensing agreements. Please contact us for further questions and information. 



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